PMCA has significant experience in a large number and diverse range of sectors across the economy.

Sectors in which PMCA has extensive project experience include (but are not limited to):

  • Agriculture and agri-business – agri-inputs, farming and agricultural/rural development policy etc.
  • Manufacturing – traditional and high-tech industries
  • Services – banking and finance, insurance, professional, business, IT etc.
  • Regulated markets – electricity, gas, oil, water, postal, telecoms, network markets, two-sided markets, natural monopolies etc.
  • Retailing – grocery markets, pubs and restaurants, hotels etc.
  • Education – all stages of education, lifelong learning and technology exchange/innovation between third-level institutions and enterprises
  • Media and broadcasting – including radio, television and wholesale transmission markets
  • Health – primary, secondary and tertiary health services, private health insurance, health information and management
  • Environmental – emissions and emissions trading, waste markets, biodiversity, renewable energy, fuel usage and poverty
  • Voluntary and charitable activities – volunteering and other unpaid work activities
  • Arts, creative and multimedia industries – including traditional as well as digital activities within this sector, which includes the crafts sector and its myriad sub-sectors
  • Sports, leisure and entertainment.