Public Policy

Public policy economic consulting includes the provision of independent economic assessments of the extent to which publicly-funded initiatives are working in practice, in terms of meeting their aims and objectives, and delivering on their intended outcomes and impacts in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Public policy interventions are ubiquitous in economic life and include a wide range of measures designed to address issues and/or enhance performance in virtually every part of the economy, for example in education and training, productive and social infrastructure, business support and healthcare. 

Often the economc rationale for public policy programmes stems from the scale and risk of providing the necessary infrastructure to facilitate economic growth and development: in the absence of government intervention, it is held, the market would not be capable of providing the infrastructure.

PMCA’s programme evaluation work is carried out at EU/international, national, regional or local levels and at interim, mid-term or final evaluation stages.

As well as providing programme evaluation studies, PMCA’s other activities in public policy economic consulting include value for money reviews and impact assessments, all of which aim to enhance public policy formation through carefully crafted recommendations based on evidence-based analysis.

Public policy consulting also covers policy developments straddling both microeconomics and macroeconomics, for example the assessment of tax measures designed to improve efficiency and rebalance the economy by chanelling incentives to sectors with sustainable growth potential within the overall economy.