Practice Areas

PMCA Economic Consulting is an Irish-owned economic consultancy practice, whose client-committed approach means that assignments are directed towards helping business, government and various other organisations on specific issues using economic principles and evidence-based economic analysis competitively.

In striving to provide clients with excellent quality of service standards, PMCA prides itself in the independence, integrity and balance of its reports, presentations and other outputs.

PMCA is fully professionally indemnified and active in all the major practice areas of economic consulting.

PMCA also welcomes opportunities to work with other professional services firms in major projects requiring expert economic analysis as part of multi-disciplinary teams.

Public Policy

Public policy economic consulting includes the provision of independent economic assessments of the extent to which publicly-funded initiatives are working in practice, in terms of meeting their aims and objectives, and delivering on their intended outcomes and impacts in a cost-effective and efficient manner.



Competition work requires highly specialised economic consulting skills, where the expert professional economist often works closely with leading law firms specialising in competition law.  PMCA’s founder and Managing Director – Dr. Pat McCloughan – is named among the world’s leading competition economists in The International Who’s Who of Competition Lawyers and Economists published jointly by Who’s Who Legal and Global Competition Review.  He authored the chapter on Ireland in The Handbook of Competition Economics 2013 (published by Global Competition Review) (see news).


Regulatory Policy

Economic regulation is sometimes necessary in situations where markets fail to function effectively and the role of regulatory policy is to address the sources of market failure and to protect standards and utlimately the users of the markets.


Economic Strategy

Economic strategy is a relatively new and rapidly developing area of economic consulting, involving the application of economic principles and methods to provide clients with unique insights aimed at addressing specific issues/problems and/or enhancing their long-term performance.  PMCA’s comparative strengths in economic strategy consulting can add real value and provide clients with new insights beyond those provided by traditional management consulting.  Economic strategy consulting often involves combining the other areas of economic consulting, such as competition and public policy, imaginatively and innovatively.


Litigation Support

One of the fastest growing demands for coherent, evidence-based economic consulting analysis is the provision of expert witness economist reports in the context of litigation before the courts.



PMCA has significant experience in a large number and diverse range of sectors across the economy.



PMCA has considerable expertise and experience in the application and development of a wide range of economic principles and techniques to different client assignments.  PMCA also benefits from access to the world’s leading academic economists, econometricians and statisticians to help ensure the very highest international quality standards.