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The Employment Impact of FDI and Indigenous Firms in Ireland

January 30, 2017

PMCA has recently conducted research into the employment impacts of IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland client companies in Ireland, including the knock-on employment impacts as well as the direct employment impacts. The high-level results are presented herein and show that the knock-on employment impacts among indigenous/Irish-owned firms are greater than those among FDI firms. The results also indicate the importance of primary production, which includes agri-food and natural resources. But this sector could also suffer through Brexit and trade protectionism, with significant loss in employment as a result.

The Progressiveness of the Irish Income Tax System – Further Evidence using Updated Revenue Data allowing Analysis of the Impact of the USC

December 1, 2016

Using latest available data from the Revenue Commissioners (which can be downloaded electronically), this paper updates earlier work by PMCA to gauge the progressiveness of the Irish income tax system, using the Gini coefficient of inequality. It examines the differential impact of the USC on progressivity from 2011.

Enterprise Performance in the Irish Border Region

November 11, 2016

PMCA has conducted a lot of consultancy work in the Irish Border Region, as well as in other parts of Ireland. The attached presentation provides results of empirical analyses of enterprise employment in the Border Region, including among FDI and larger Irish-owned companies and micro enterprises (less than 10 employees). Perhaps the main take-away is the importance of enhancing competitiveness (costs and quality) and weaning Ireland off its reliance on its corporation tax advantage (which will erode) in the increasingly competitive international marketplace for FDI.

PMCA Economic Commentary: Re-thinking overseas development assistance

May 10, 2013

Ireland gives generously to the developing world and has done so over many years. Independently from official assistance from the government, a little known fact is that no other developed country gives more in private funds to developing countries, relative to gross national income, than Ireland. These funds originate from individuals and businesses, channelled through non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and are done so by people’s choices. Ireland’s generosity – from official and non-official sources – can be interpreted as part of the country’s international openness and may yield longer-term benefits in terms of new trade and investment opportunities over the years and decades to come, as the world economic order changes during the century and a more mature relationship between developed and developing countries unfolds. The traditional donor-recipient model is coming under review and greater recognition is being given to partnership-based approaches based on economic impacts at home as well as abroad.

PMCA Economic Commentary: Reflections on Budget 2013 and beyond

December 12, 2012

In this article, Dr. Pat McCloughan, Managing Director of PMCA Economic Consulting, considers the proposed property tax and other measures in Budget 2013 in the context of continued challenging economic conditions.

PMCA Economic Commentary: launch of The Handbook of Competition Economics 2012

December 7, 2011

Published by Global Competition Review, The Handbook of Competition Economics is an invaluable tool for competition practitioners, including major law firms, professional competition economists, corporate finance/M&A firms and national competition authority personnel. It deals with key issues that antitrust/competition economists are tackling today and provides up-to-date information on the economic resources of national competition authorities across the globe. Following the very successful launch of the 2012 Handbook in Bergen, Norway, PMCA’s Managing Director, Dr. Pat McCloughan, contributed the chapter on recent competition developments in Ireland, including commenting on the ongoing competitiveness agenda following the arrival of the IMF in Ireland last year. Click below to read the chapter on Ireland.

PMCA Economic Commentary: the coming of age of Irish competition policy

July 13, 2011

Ireland is recognised internationally as having one of the most progressive competition policy environments of any developed economy and this extended PMCA Economic Commentary reviews the scope, potential and challenges facing competition policy in the radically changed circumstances in which the country finds itself. The wide-ranging article also includes an international comparison of the resourcing of the Competition Authority and considers the plan to merge that institution with the National Consumer Agency. Also considered is the potentially adverse implications for competition and consumer welfare stemming (inadvertently) from the government’s re-structuring plan for the banking sector.

PMCA Economic Commentary: the economic potential of volunteering

May 20, 2011

We traditionally see volunteers as ‘Good Samaritans’, motivated by a basic desire to help others, especially the more vulnerable. But volunteering also provides a means for people to gain knowledge, exercise skills and extend their social networks, leading to new or better employment prospects as well as personal development. This year marks the ‘European Year of Voluntary Activities Promoting Active Citizenship (2011)’ and there is scope for the new government in Ireland to assist in a process in which we can all be winners.

PMCA Economic Commentary: exports and employment

November 24, 2010

One of the few beacons of hope in the beleaguered Irish economy is the performance of exports, reflecting the enhanced competitive position of indigenous as well as foreign-owned enterprises, and favourable exchange rate movements in respect of the euro. In this first PMCA Economic Commentary (Nov 2010), we quantify the employment impact of growth in the value of exports of goods and services from Ireland to the rest of the world.

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