PMCA is a dynamic, productive and rapidly growing economic consulting practice.  It welcomes applications from suitably qualified candidates who may be interested in developing a career as a professional economist, which can be very rewarding.  PMCA is also interested in hearing from people who might be interested in a internship at PMCA.

All candidates for a position at PMCA should satisfy the following minimum entry requirements:

  • Master degree in economics or related discipline from a recognised university – ideally with first class honours or distinction at MA/MSc level
  • Exceptional quantitative skills – ideally candidates should have completed at least one module in econometrics in their undergraduate degree and followed up their interest in econometrics by taking both econometric theory and applied econometrics at taught postgraduate level, MA/MSc level
  • In addition, candidates should be familiar with the use and application of specialist econometrics packages as well as having excellent general IT skills in packages such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Candidates should also be comfortable with mathematical and statistical principles (including calculus, optimisation and the statistical underpinnings of econometrics) as well as knowing about their application, ideally gained at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels
  • Candidates should have excellent communications skills as well as first-class analytical skills – including comprehension, understanding of problems, drafting and presentation skills
  • It is important that candidates also have a passion for economics, business and financial issues, plus an interest in public affairs, politics and law, and understand the wider contexts surrounding economic consulting assignments, including the policy environment.

In all applications for a position at PMCA, you should ensure that your CV is up-to-date and includes references to any research papers, dissertations or theses completed, including a brief description of data used.  You should also ensure that your CV contains clear indication of relevant job experience gained, including dates (to and from).

Candidates whose application is taken further will be requested to provide proof of their academic qualifications (degree certificates and transcripts) as well as being asked for the names and contact details of suitable referees. 

Candidates may also be requested to furnish a copy of any written work (e.g. dissertation or thesis or newspaper/journal article, for example) ahead of interview.

If you wish to submit your CV to PMCA, please email: info@localhost

PMCA Economic Consulting is an equal opportunities employer.