PMCA Report on the Proposed ABP/Slaney Transaction

Thursday, September, 2016

Yesterday (31 August 2016), the Irish Farmers Association published the independent report commissioned from PMCA Economic Consulting on the competition effects of the proposed joint venture between Irish meat processors ABP and Slaney.

The PMCA report examines competition in the current (pre-transaction) meat processing sector in Ireland and considers the likely competition implications of the proposal.  The report focuses in particular on the key cattle and lamb/sheep procurement markets, in which farmers produce the critical primary inputs into the beef and lamb supply chains in the State.

News of the proposed deal has been in the media and farming press since late 2015.  The parties have been in discussion with DG Competition of the European Commission in Brussels but the proposal has not been notified to DG Comp.

DG Comp was in touch with the IFA as a relevant third-party and the IFA submitted the PMCA report to DG Comp.

In publishing the report yesterday, the IFA also sent copies to the national competition authorities in Ireland and the UK, and a copy was also sent to the Minister for Agriculture in Ireland.

The PMCA report can be accessed here.

The presentation on the report is available here.

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