Exciting Work at PMCA

Tuesday, July, 2014

PMCA Economic Consulting continues to grow and develop its work on behalf of clients. It’s an exciting time to be active in economic consulting – economics provides a powerful tool to apply to real-world projects, issues and challenges.

Examples of current projects underway at PMCA include:

  • Comprehensive cost-benefit analysis for a major energy storage project on the island of Ireland that is relevant in the context of the development of renewable energy technologies and which reflects the island’s comparative advantage in onshore wind energy.
  • Economic development strategy for Meath County Council – the major reform process underway in the local authority sector in Ireland includes a more proactive role for councils in assisting economic development. Local authorities are now expected to look beyond their traditional functions of planning, and the provision of well-informed, evidence-based economic analysis can yield important insights into local and regional comparative strengths and opportunities to inform effective integrated planning.
  • Economic strategy and competition analyses for private clients – the advanced tools of economics can be employed to help clients hone their strategies and enhance performance in novel and insightful ways.

In addition, PMCA continues to have an interest in economic research and policy formation. A forthcoming publication in the Journal of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland applies a novel estimator for the Gini coefficient of income inequality, developed by Drs. Pat McCloughan and Esmaiel Abounoori, to examine the trends in income and income tax inequalities in Ireland before and since the crisis (using publicly available data from the Revenue Commissioners). Comparison of the two Gini coefficients enables a fresh way of illustrating the fact that the Irish income tax system is progressive. A draft of this research study, presented to the December 2013 meeting of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland at the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin, can be found here.

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