Review of the Louth Economic Forum

Thursday, November, 2012

PMCA Economic Consulting was commissioned earlier this year to provide an external review of, and action plan for, the Louth Economic Forum (LEF).  The PMCA report is available here.

The LEF is unique in Ireland for promoting local and regional economic development and brings together public, private and State development agency representatives to facilitate the conditions for jobs.  The PMCA report documents the significant strides made by the LEF in foreign direct investment (FDI), indigenous industry development, renewable energy technologies, tourism and heritage, age-friendly business and education and training. 

A summary of the PMCA report on the LEF can be found as a featured article in the latest edition of the local authority publication Council Review (available here). 

The November 2012 edition of Council Review also contains a new item on the recent good news for Louth and the north east region about the EU funding for Narrow Water Bridge (here) (see also the PMCA news item on Narrow Water Bridge of 30 October 2012 here).

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