PMCA report on packaging savings launched

Friday, October, 2012

As part of National Recycling Week 2012, Repak has published new research which quantifies, for the first time in Ireland, the savings associated with the packaging optimisation activities of its member businesses.

Through its Prevent and Save website and other initiatives, Repak facilitates its members to make savings through packaging prevention activities, and has done so for a number of years. 

The new PMCA Economic Consulting report estimates that Repak members together were responsible for preventing approximately 86,000 tonnes of packaging in Ireland in 2011 and 350,000 tonnes cumulatively during 2005-2011.

In 2011, total savings arising from the packaging prevention activities of Repak members amounted to an estimated €52m or approximately €22,400 per Repak member, according to the PMCA report.

According to Dr. Pat McCloughan, Managing Director of PMCA, “the significant estimated savings from the packaging prevention activities of Repak members benefit the economy as well as the environment because they serve to lower business costs, thereby helping to preserve and create jobs”.

The PMCA Economic Consulting report is available here

Pictured at the Repak Members Conference held in Croke Park on 4 October 2012 is Dr. Pat McCloughan presenting the results of a new PMCA Economic Consulting study that quantifies the savings arising from the packaging optimisation activities of Repak member firms.

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